Friday, May 01, 2009

***Canine Salvation***

Do you know who this man is?
His name is Cesar Millan also known as The Dog Whisperer.

I call him The Canine Hesoos because he can turn a baby-eating pitbull into the ideal slipper-fetching family dog.

I wasn't raised with any kind of pets with fur. The Canine Hesoos has helped me understand the psychology of a dog so that my fear of them is no longer deep-rooted in ignorance. I actually understand them a little bit now. I credit him with my ability to pick up 4 and 8 week old puppies with hands that tremble less and less. It's awesome!

And there are moments where demon dogs are involved and I think it's his last this

But the Canine Hesoos keeps it going! I used to think he was fukking CRAZY but the Crocodile Hunter still keeps that title...R.I.P dude.

My favorite part of the shows are the owner meltdowns. Becky will be hysterical like "I just don't understand where I went wrong! He didn't mean to bite off my right breast! He really is a loving dog! I couldn't let them kill him!"

Can't help but roll my eyes or laugh.

I know...

that's not nice.

Again, I'm not a nice person.

Just like crocodiles are not to be fukked with like domestic animals.

I'm just sayin'...

You be right about that. Leave the tigers and the monkeys and such where they be. They ain't pet material.....

I'm just sayin....
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