Saturday, July 22, 2006

Time After Time



I know that I haven't posted in a while, but it isn't due to a dry spell. Life still entertains and amuses me, only the time in which I can share those musings are EXTREMELY downsized. Let me tell you, limited internet access is just not healthy. It isn't.

A Little Background:
Started this new job and moved all pretty much at the same time. Still in GA but now I'm *singing* "Liiiiiiiving just enoooough, for the citaaaaay!" (Stevie Wonder, Book of Innervisions, verse/track 3) It's a newbie start-up type but its cool thus far. It's all means to an end, my friend:o) I'm the Marketing Director and that's gonna look quite lovely on my grad school apps, no? Like I said, means to an end. *wink*

More on my "Borrowed Lifestyle" later.

Switching lanes...

Although I've been ranting and insighting both in my head and on paper during this internet detox, I don't know what really to say at the moment. Usually, when I sit down to type these out I'm straight up brain farting. Just going off the top of my head hoping that it's not too incoherent or grammatically incorrect. Now, probably because I'm overwhelmed by the excitement of being able to do this again, the left and right sides of my brain are going back and forth like

"Say something!"
"No, YOU say something! I started last time!"
"No, you!"

And while I'm sitting here waiting for them to come to a resolve, I'm silently frustrated. Thinking back, I can remember a little of what I wrote and thought but the subject matter is old and it feels forced to try to talk about it.

So all of that said....

Let me try this again later, okay?


Love you all!

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