Saturday, January 19, 2008

2007: A Year in Review

Happy 2008!

Yes, that's right.
19 days later.
It's just as sincere,
so don't trip.

Speaking of tripping, 2007 was definitely one wasn't it? It was interesting in a not so predictable way--- which I like. Full of quiet curve balls. I figured the best way to do the New Year post to is to recap 2007's ambitions, so here we go:

#1. Butterflies (i.e. a strong crush): Didn't happen. Went out with different guys but the interest was one-sided. We'll keep this on the books for 2008. Crushes are simple. I just need to be in a position to get one. Which rolls into number 2...

#2. UPgrade the Social Calendar: I did that. I'm very proud of it too because time definitely became a luxury for me this year. Which slides me right into number 3... (This is really developing a nice flow)

#3. B-Plan after Grad School Decision: Didn't get into NYU and got a full-time managerial job for a company that is definitely making a difference personally, nationally, and globally. You guessed rolls into number 4!

#4. Do Something Full Out: My job requires 12+ hour workdays and it is NOT a game. I get my ass handed to me on a daily basis and while it doesn't feel good, the sting of a reprimand has definitely dulled. Just as I thought when I started, this job is growing me up (for real!). When I feel like I can't give anything more, do anything else, or be anything more I shock myself and somehow give what's required, do what's necessary, and be who I need to be to get the job done. And the job is actually fulfilling because it makes a difference, so my performance matters to me for reasons beyond reputation, ego, or the fear of failure.

#5. Fall In Love With Something: Yep! I did it! This little store of nothing in downtown Decatur called Heliotrope makes me happy. It's one of those personality stores where you can find stuff with sayings that express you. Also, my new cell phone is definitely a new love, and I have yet to name him. And a few makeup products have definitely given me something to cheer about in 2007.

#6. Make A List of a Whole Bunch of Shit I'd Never Do and Consider it: Nope. Failed miserably with this one. I'm still looking at leaving the country sometime soon. The itch is getting louder. Maybe I'll get a passport just to take a step in the direction? We'll see.

So there it is.
2007 in review.
As for 2008,
I don't have much I shooting for.

Spiritual Balance: I grew up in church and for a very long time it was a big part of my life. After college, a lot of those things didn't gel within like they used to. I wanted more information. I wanted a safe place and space to ask the new questions I had about my beliefs. Didn't get those answers and after a while, I became resigned that I ever would. So I lazily sat on the fence. I'm approaching a 5-year anniversary and it wasn't until a church I visited last Sunday that I even became aware of it. This minister didn't give me "evil idiot" or "pimping corrupt bastard" vibes. He made several points that I never heard before and I was reminded of how spiritually starved I am. So I'm going to take that on this year.

Butterflies: I am making this MUCH harder than it needs to be.

Financial Responsibility:
I'm making moves with chump change and while the pay doesn't even match what I'm getting as a person, I'm going to work with the peanuts, okay? Brother Airbender is a financial planner now so we're going to make some things happen, since I will officially be debt free in February! (Woo hoo!)

Like I said,
it's nothing spectacular but definitely on my radar.
What do you have going on for 2008?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some Wednesday WTF

Peep the first 15 seconds of this clip. Focus on the guy on the right.

Got it? Cool.

Now peep the guy on the left jamming off-camera in this clip.

Guess what?


Say what you want, David Gregory doesn't MISS NOT ONE STEP!
And had the nerve to spin too?

I think he's got Barak and Ellen beat, whatchu think?

Someone needs to do a background check on Mr. Gregory....

I was NOT ready for that much rhythm in a suit.

P.S. I'm not ignoring the new year. I had some good thoughts about a post but they never made it to the site. Still fleshing it out. Post coming soon. Promise!

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