Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some Wednesday WTF

Peep the first 15 seconds of this clip. Focus on the guy on the right.

Got it? Cool.

Now peep the guy on the left jamming off-camera in this clip.

Guess what?


Say what you want, David Gregory doesn't MISS NOT ONE STEP!
And had the nerve to spin too?

I think he's got Barak and Ellen beat, whatchu think?

Someone needs to do a background check on Mr. Gregory....

I was NOT ready for that much rhythm in a suit.

P.S. I'm not ignoring the new year. I had some good thoughts about a post but they never made it to the site. Still fleshing it out. Post coming soon. Promise!

OMG.....he looks a little different... kind of like one of those clayish looking puppets.....but he has more bounce to the ounce. A little scary looks like he might have a wife who is a minority....He was getting down....I couldn't stop LMAO....
Crazy, right?

The way he was jamming to it made me like the song that much more, lol
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