Sunday, March 02, 2008

***Boasting 'Bout Badu***

Seriously, how can you NOT like this chick?

Erykah Badu's new album dropped Tuesday and I was soooo giddy with anticipation! Overall, it was a tad too political to be 100% embraced by yours truly, but she represents so much to me right now it doesn't even matter.

She's a Soul Celebrator, and by that I mean the music and humanity. The music alone can grab you, and you know how I love hot sauce on my lyrics! She delivers consistently!

Badu brings it and she puts her humanity on loudspeaker in every album. You've gotta be crazy fierce to be like that. And I mostly respect her for her self expression. She will go up and down, all around but somehow someway, it never deviates from her true self. Erykah unapologetically does her thing without approval and agreement of most people. And while the same could be said other artists, her work is always respectable. She's "anti" without pushing it down people's throats and I LOVE IT!

Even Tom Ford (yes, Gucci) can't deny her and is about to have her modeling for a fragrance soon.

She's not afraid to GO THERE at her own expense and I respect her creatively, as a woman, and as a courageous human being.

...and she can DJ too ;o)

(p.s. I'm jealous, lol)

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