Saturday, December 29, 2007

***A Love Tilt***

Ladies and Gentlemen....
I would like to announce the unveiling of SuperPimp's replacement: The AT&T Tilt.
I was going to wait and make it official in January or February but made my dreams come true TODAY! That sucker is $299 (after a $100 rebate) so you already know I wasn't doing that. (I love my gadgets but do I have to be robbed to express it?)

So how about Amazon had it for $199 WITH a $50 rebate! $150.00??? Say no more!

My contract is up so I was eligible for the deal and jumped on it this morning. I'm very full of myself at the moment for coming across this deal, so you might wanna give me a day or two to deflate my ego a bit.

Oh and just so you know, I have SuperPimp's blessing:o)

I didn't think the breakup would happen as smoothly as it did but it's a go!
He's so great. I'm going to miss him!

He was my first electronic love!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Ho's Have Upsides

You already know I'm not shy when it comes to interracial dating. As I've said before, you can call me "Skittles" cuz ya girl does and will taste the rainbow, okay?

So understand when I say this I am clear that my Black chicas will not be feeling me cuz I'm speaking on their beloved Reggie Bush.
But let's be practical here, k?

Can you really be mad at him??
Go ahead. Click on the pic and enlarge it.
Again, I ask...

Dude is getting props from his locker room, goon squad, and any other envious hopefuls. The only ones I predict who will make this an issue are Black women (proud preservers of the African lineage) and ex Black Panthers.

Maybe I don't care cuz I was never into him?
Either way, the man has committed no crime according to the book of Pros and Cons.

Who cares if she's of moderate intelligence, lacking in accomplishments or doesn't practice a sexually discriminant lifestyle?

THIS is what she looks like and all of the aforementioned rank pretty high in the world of "No Permanence".

I'm just sayin'.

(If I had an example to flip the script I'd use it. But I can't mess with a dumb dude. I tried. Several times. I just can't.)

P.S.- Yes T.K., I blogged about it. I just don't see why the man should NOT be with her. And your ass wasn't trying to hear my point so I figured some visual evidence would make it a smidge clearer, lol. You should pick better celebs to swoon over. At least my Vince got with a doctor *wink*

Thursday, December 27, 2007

***Potential Energy***

Stealing glances
contemplating risk & chances
wishful thinking of romances
quiet talks and
slow dances. inside a silence like this
nerves scrambling
cuz of who we think we is
in this Now
not ever taking one step
to discover
in exploration of
our power to create

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

***Wreckless Wrapping***

My gift-wrapping skills are at an all-time low.

For a while, it used to be a quiet talent of mine.

All of my corners lined up with the precision of a military salute. I never creased more than once. No air pockets. Flawless execution every time. It was very similar to my parking skills.

Believe or not, parking was my strength for a while (shut up). It was! I was a very dope parker in Drivers Ed. I couldn't drive for isht but I could park the helloutta those Fords! Parallel? Done. Parking space (with no do-overs)? I got that.

I was that good.

That was up until I learned how to drive ABOVE the speed limit. I would say I conquered that about 2 years ago:o) Since I've experienced what a good tap of the gas pedal can do, I've slacked a bit on the parking. Put it this way, you don't have to know the car I drove but if I showed you the row I parked in, you'd find me. Guaranteed. It beez like that sometimes!

Strange how that all works, no?

**Disclaimer: I am NOT a bad driver.
On the contrary, I'm a very good one. I just suck at parking.**

I went from "Did you pay for gift wrap?" status to a "Who did this?" fall from grace. Why? I could attribute it to being a slacker but what fun is that?? Instead, I'll justify myself with an explanation of how my focus is now on PURCHASING the gift to wrap instead of the gift wrapping.

Works for me.


Sunday, December 09, 2007


Say whatchu want...

this isht was funny!

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