Monday, August 21, 2006

Enjoi Yo' Selves!

Upstaged once again. See how Life works?

So in a conversation with someone this weekend, the age of E-Rants and Insights came up.

He asked. I couldn't answer. So I researched.

Guess what I found out?

WE'RE ONE YEAR OLD!!! (Woo hoo!!)

IT'S A CELEBRATION %#)(*)$#!!!!
Enjoi Yo' Selves! (LOL)

Once I realized this, Super Pimp (my cell phone) was itching to get a pic of a grocery cake to post here, but I told him no. I reassured him that we could find a much nicer cake on Google and then he finally simmered down. He gets waaaay too excited sometimes, you know?

So here we are.

A whole year of ramblings and I haven't lost any friends as a result of it:o) As a matter of fact, I think I've actually gained from this thing. Conversations with a lot ya'll have gone beyond surface crap and we seem to have a segway to genuinely connect now. Another benefit to doing this is that I actually feel like less of an oddball. I don't feel like "I'm the only one". I feel understood (for the most part) and that's a very good feeling to realize that my small pool of perceived relatability is more like a nice lake.

We've even grown from e-mails to blogs. And not one blog but TWO. (Hot stuff! Yeah!)

So thanks.

A lot:o)

In honor of today's monumental event I figured that I'd re-post the very first E-Rant and Insight email. That's right. Old school (lol).

Later homies!

Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 20:06:23 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: E-RANTS AND INSIGHTS: "To Have and To Hold"

DISCLAIMER:This is an email series I'm going to start doing whenever I get in one of those "reflective" moods. I'll continue to name them "E-Rants and Insights" in case you are not a fan of it and can delete at will. Then again, you could be wonderful and just tell me to leave you off the list:o) This is my attempt to connect with you because we probably haven't talked in some time. Yeah, it might be a tad impersonal, but I don't see you picking up a phone either. Enjoi!

So I'm entering that phase of life that has been lightly referenced since my sophomore year in college. The time where all of your friends, homies, co-workers and associates start dropping like flies-- everybody's getting married. Thus far, I've noticed 3 re-occurring attitudes within this new experience.

"LOOK! I'S MARRIED NOW!"- Out of all of the types, this one by far is probably the most annoying. They are the women that look at marriage as a red-letter sorority. As if it bears the same prestige as PhD degree. Look, being married doesn't make you wonderful. It makes you married.

"YEAH...WE'RE GETTING MARRIED"- You're lucky to hear about the engagement from this one. She isn't embarrassed about it but she's been with the guy for so long, she'd rather not amuse you by pretending to be surprised.

"GIRL, HE BETTA HAVE!"- This one is the relationship's trooper. She's put up with his crap all in the name of love. All she's demanding is a reward: his trifling ass for eternity.

Make no mistake, I'm not against marriage. I'm not "hating" either (for those of you who still use this word seriously, please understand that it's over-usage has deemed it MEANINGLESS as of 2003).

Just an observation:o)

Love the Love analysis. Relationships are so tenuous. Sometimes peanuts, sometime shells. Open, unabashed communications is the road to peanuts. I like your view of it!

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