Monday, August 14, 2006


This Mac is whack.

Not only does it prohibit me from tricking out my posts with colored fonts, bolded, underlined, and italicized wording, and font size variation, BUT...

(lol....didn't think I had room for a 'but', huh?)


I can't use this crap well. So maybe the Mac isn't whack, but I'm just whack on a Mac?

The jury's still out.

So anyhoo, unless Life decides to upstage my plans, my next post will probably be about my neighborhood. I've been seeing a whole bunch of WTFs, but I was lacking that ONE occurance that would compel me to let ya'll know what's up.

Well Yesterday gave me that. One word: llamas.

Once I find a beginning and middle, I guarantee you will join me in a communal WTF and understand the land that I call my neighborhood.

In other news...

I'd like to make a motion.

I motion that by the year 2010, we bend the gender rules...just a bit.

I motion that all flat-chested women be granted the same public topless rights as men.

After all...

at the end of the day, it's just nipples.

Perhaps it's the suggestion of what's SUPPOSED to be there that makes it inappropriate?

Like how its deemed rude to stare at albino people. The implication of pigmentation messes with you right? But after a second or two, you regain your focus and keep it moving.

Men get to go topless.

So why shouldn't flat-chested women get the same privileges? Okay, so dudes with man-boobs usually don't go topless (unless they're rich and it's officially YOUR problem).

Taking that into consideration, and to make things fair...

I say that top-heavy chicks and men with man-boobs should follow the same rules of cleavage management. Everyone else should be exempt.

Just a thought.

Okay, so my question is, what exactly do you consider flat chested. I am what would be considered small...but I am not flat by any means...I mean, I have a little something to hold on to but nothing to shake (if that makes sense). So, should I be exempt from the shirt rule? If I may be frank, I don't think I should be permitted to go shirtless even with my lack of shake-ness....I can't say why really...I think the mystery would be gone. In other words, I think I'd just like to keep going w/ the false advertising provided courtesy of Victoria Secret...
Hmmmm...good point. (lol) Small is small. Flat is flat. So I guess the best way to test where one might fall is to see how believeable a VS pushup is on the person. If it looks like an down-turned cereal bowl on the floor then you're probably flat.

mmmm, that makes as a member and co-president of the itty bitty t***y committee, I vote yay on the "no shirts for the flatter ones"
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