Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fool In Love

I'm in an emotionally abusive relationship that I can't seem to walk away from.

I just never thought I would be "that girl" who gets Ike Turner'd. The one you hear about, shake your head and say "That's messed up."

The guy is much younger than me. He doesn't have a job, doesn't have a high school education, isn't very articulate, and is CRAZY short. He used to be the sweetest thing known, but has become quite tempermental over the past year or two. At times, he thinks nothing about humiliating me in public or even in front of my family. He yells at me belligerently and smacks me around whenever I don't operate on his time. He's even bitten me before.

It's embarrassing but, despite these violent acts, I'm obsessed with him.

What can I say? I love him.

It shouldn't matter that he's 2 years old.

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