Monday, September 18, 2006


"I can sense the stupid ho in others."

I just said this about, oh, 2 hours ago to someone.

Granted, had I said this in jest I wouldn't bother to share it with you. But I was dead azz serious. I truly believe that I have the gift of Skank Reception. I can pick them out from great distances. I can detect the stage of skank that one is currently in. I can even predict future skanks of America.

As of August 2006, I've decided to use these powers for good.

I will reach beyond the bloodlines and protect the Good Guy homies of my circle. Not all of you. Some of you are straight up man-whores and jerks, but I've always loved and accepted that about you:o)

But for the others, I'm here for you.

I need to be.

There are just too many of them running around. And you get so googly-eyed that you can't see the skank for the hills. You get lost in her beauty, booty, and charm that you get caught up unknowingly. Most of yall can't even read a psycho tank properly anyway. (FYI: All women have them by default. Some larger than others. Some definitely well-hidden. But EVERY LAST ONE OF US has one) You don't see the early warning signs and then you feel helpless when you've got a chick showing up at your crib and/or church UNANNOUNCED, threatening to fight your REAL girlfriend, and crying to you on the phone about how she "deserves more out of this relationship."

And all you said was "I'll call you."

Align Center
For those on my hometeam, feel free to utilize my services via my direct line.

All others, please dial 1-800-THATS WHAT YO DUMB AZZ GETS

Thank you.

Hey! You were on the phone with me about two hours ago!? What gives?!
You are crazy!
CB: Do you have suspicious skank activity over there??? I'm on the case!

Camille: Perhaps, lol.

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