Monday, October 02, 2006

Only White People Kiss in the Rain

(I think this would be a cool book title, don't you?)

Only White People Kiss in the Rain:
A cynical black woman's view on romance
(No, I'm not interested in writing it. No, I'm not cynical about romance. No, I'm not lying about either one of these statements.)
I've only seen it once and it was in a movie. One movie. Love Jones. Nia Long had a perm too. And yet she stood there, in the rain, kissing Lorenz Tate. That scene might have made the movie for me. Although I honestly didn't appreciate it until this week, right now it's a dope concept to me.
Black people kissing in the rain.
Why can't I picture this? Hell, I'm not even trying to experience it, but it's one of those "I wonder why..." things for me right now. Why don't Black people kiss in the rain? Do Asian people do it? Latinos? Middle Eastern folks?
Who does that shit other than White people???
You know what? Now that I think about it, Love Jones had a couple of Caucasion elements that were Blackified on the sneak tip. All white love movies have a train scene. And all white love movies have a kissing in the rain scene.
(Speaking of which, have you seen 'The Notebook'? OMG, I have never cried in that snot& sniffling way over a movie like that before. That thing will MESS YOU UP if you aren't careful! Anyhoo....I digress.)
If I made movies, and I was gonna make a Black love one, I'd set it up to where a kissing in the rain scene would be TOO perfect. And just when the audience was ready for things to go down, I'd have the female lead say, "Ummm...can we go inside? I smell rain and my hair..."
LOL! I'd love to aggravate the hell outta people with that, lol!
I know, I know.
Natural hair doesn't work for everyone. But still...
That's the only reason I can come up with why Black people don't kiss in the rain--- the Black woman's hair. Nia Long did it. It's possible.
You know, I think I've discovered the true test of a permed Black woman's love: a willingness to get her hair wet (in the name of it).

I'm gonna keep an eye on the weather and make this happen... Brooke you better grease yo scalp because it's going down, next time it's po-in' down. Wrote a song about it, like to here it here it go...

"Meet me in the rain– it's going dahn!
"I'm kissin' you in yo brain– it's po-in' dahn!
*grinning*...that was definitely a feelgood post. I guess I'm the biggest love jones fan on EARTH, so I could only smile.

Yeah...Darius and Nina had something special...RAIN?! Sheeeeeiiit. That was indeed a blue line in a red sky. I guess for the rest of us, "it just ain't that dayum serious!" LOL...
black people don't stay out in the rain long enough for something like a kiss to go down, natural or permmed, male or female lol. it's like hiking & camping. i like to look at it as a cultural thing.

maybe you should break ground in this uncharted region of love. be black people's trailblazer and find a handsome young black man with ambition and talent to makeout in the rain with! then let us know if the rest of us have been missing out, hehehe

beaches is another tear jerker and i damn near lost my mind when i watched step mom, check em out sometime, but make sure to have some kleenex
(To: cb)


Omg, something is WRONG with you!! LOLOLOLOL!

I was doing the motorcycle dip too!

(To: lookin for my own brownsugasammon, LOL!)

I feel you!
(To: alex g)

Hmmmm...I don't know about all that. I'm not seeing the benefits of such an escapade, lol.

I'll have to check out Beaches. I'll proceed with caution:o)

Thanks for the tip!
Listen, I am a black woman who has a perm...I spend way too much time and energy on my hair to mess it up kissing in the rain...the only way I would even consider kissing in the rain is if I have an appointment the next day or if I am on vacation and i am already looking crazy. Then it is totally excusable. You know the more and more I think about it, my man (or whomever I am kissing) would understand my plight...

(To: c townsend) Keep it tight, girl! That's a minimun $60 experience each trip, so I can understand the concern, lol
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