Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Super Me

I think it’s time for my Young & Dumb tattoo.
You know, the one all my friends got way back in high school or college that they now regret?
Yeah...That one.


I’ll christen 2007 with one. Not saying what, not saying where, can’t even really say why…
But it’s going down!

Me and someone from the bloodlines have already agreed to do it together.
We just have to set the January date.

No worries. Although, right now, I can’t guarantee that I won’t completely embarrass myself; I can guarantee that I’ll know for sure by the time of my midlife crisis:o)

And yes, I'll share my experience (if I don't punk out).

In other news…

I’m on a mission to be re-created as a super hero.
I decided on this while studying for the GMAT this weekend. I have realized that life is way too short to live an ordinary existence. So I’m getting an extraordinary makeover that will live forever in a .jpg file.
I’ve already come up with my superpowers and super weapons.
My signature move will be the “Larynx BOOM!” that will rupture the eardrum of any evil-doer, causing temporary hearing loss. My weapon of choice will be the “Choke-a-B***h Force-Field" that will block the air-passage of the trifling offender until he or she turns my favorite shade of plum.
Knight Rider had his car, Kit, to back him up. I will have my cell phone—(the Mighty Mighty) Super Pimp to give me the 411 on err’thang!

I’m wrestling with the idea of flying. Don’t know if I really wanna do that. And I learned from “The Incredibles” movie that capes are a no-no.
Hmmm…what'll be my mode of transportation? Maybe a flying car? YES!!! Benita the flying Benz. That’s it! A bullet-proof, nuclear-resistant, self-cleaning, Starbucks soy chai latte-serving, flying car.


Once I develop it fully, I just need to be drawn. And I better not look like no damn porn star either.
Speaking of pornstars...

Is it just me or do 98.75% of the female CNN anchors look the part of one? Smoky eyes for a morning/early afternoon broadcast?
C’mon now.

But for real…

I’m still developing the concept of my super identity but by the end of the year, prepare to be AMAZED.
Hmmm...I'll need a kick ass, superhero nomenclature too.
Stay tuned...

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