Wednesday, November 15, 2006

***B 4 Real***

I'm sorry but I had to laugh about this one...

I keep hearing all this finger-pointing about why Janet's last album didn't do as well as expected. Daddy Joe is saying that she shouldn't have changed her formula. Other people are saying that the record label didn't promote it well enough. Blah Blah Blah.

My question is, how come nobody is telling the f'n truth about it?
People that buy pop CDs (i.e. teenagers and white people) are NOT digging a sexual 40 year-old.

Am I saying Janet doesn't look good? All things considered, yes she does. Am I saying that she carries no heat? Absolutely not. I love all 3 of the songs I've heard from the album. But in the world of pop music, if teenagers and white people aren't feeling you, the album is NOT going to do well.

Did anyone else question the fact why homegirl felt the need to get butt-ass naked on her video??? Personally, I thought it was cool how it was done but STILL.

All I kept saying was: Damn, Janet. This is what it's come to now, huh?

You hear any white guys talk about Janet? Nope. They're all about Beyonce.

A 40 year-old booty vs. a 25 year-old booty?

You be the judge.

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