Friday, November 17, 2006

***Dreamgirls Movie***

I can't wait for this movie to come out!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Beyonce's character, Dena, will sound like she passed the 7th grade. But other than that quiet concern, I'm all for it!
(you can see the trailer by going to the website)

Oooh and I gotcha a goodie too!

I found Jennifer Hudson's re-make of the classic "Annnd I Am Telllllling Yooou..."
Moms isn't impressed because "she ain't mad enough" in her version, lol.
But for real, Paramount is not playing about this leak.
They have shut everybody down that has posted it.
I just wanna see if I can outsmart them.

We'll find out.
(hee hee)

Sidenote: For some reason, I've always envisioned a very aggressive black woman standing at the door singing this. And when homeboy tries to leap for the door handle, she puts him in the headlock...

still singing, of course.

** BONUS!!**

Music Video- "One Night Only"

(just click on the picture below!)

home girl can blow it downnnnn!!!! that's what i'm talking bout!

ps. saw EWF this summer and girl phillip bailey, the king of falsettos is still shattering glass and breaking hearts. i damn near lost my mind when they played reasons, and what do we have as a generation in regards to r&b? r. kelly and every other knockin' boots clone, tsk, tsk, tsk.

so what do you think about the lack of media coverage on Gerald Levert's passing? i guess i just need to realize that mr. & mrs. matthew smith aren't as concerned with Gerald's passing as mr. & mrs. lamont jackson.

RIP Gerald Levert
You know majority of white people were like "Gerald who?" (lol) Can't even blame them because that's what I do when it comes to some songwriter that penned a hit song for "The Sound of Music";o) The black community paid their respects profusely and the man was truly honored by those who knew him.

I don't even watch TV and I got the word 5 different ways that day.

Girrrrlllll...don't get me started about Earth Wind & Fire! And you called out MY JAM too!?!?

*singing* The reasons...the reasons that we're heeeerree!


U know how I am about my old school *wink*
very true, i concede
you know i just listened to the original and as the saying goes "ain't nothing like the real thing" and ohhh buddy did i forget how miss jennifer holiday made that song an untouchable. you know something like almost any luther or pattie (you know how i feel about miss patti) jump off...just not to be remade have a great new year and be safe!
lol, my mother felt the same way. J-Hud is quite soulful and powerful, no? But like moms said "She ain't mad enough."

J-Holliday was gonna tackle that dude in her version.
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