Thursday, November 09, 2006


The older I get, the more I realize how fudged and thin a line of demarcation can be.

That shit just gets downright blurry sometimes, you know?

The particular separation I'm speaking of? Ho-isms.

Instinctively, you might think I'm speaking of the act of a female's excessive sexual activity. When in fact, I am not.

I am referring to both a male's AND a female's excessive sexual activity.

Now let me clarify how I use the word ho on most occasions. To qualify as such, you just have to be an excessive partaker of any activity. For example, because my homeboy has 2 of almost every pair of Jordan's that have come out, he would qualify as a Jumpman-ho or a shoe/sneaker-ho. My homegirl is ALWAYS on the phone, so she gets the Phone-ho stamp. Back in college, I most DEFINITELY was an Ebay-ho. Feel me?


Now if I just call you a flat out ho, then more times than none it's referring to your sexual activity-- Man and Woman.

Now here's what gets me...

So I'm talking to my homegirl on the phone last week and she's griping about her lack of "activity" of late. She is a single, attractive, accomplished young woman. Very much a "lady". You know, the sorority-girl Gabrielle Union type. So she's venting and I start thinking,
"Damn. That sucks. How possible is it to be a lady with a high sex drive?"

So she's still talking and I'm still thinking about this because I realize that it's virtually IMPOSSIBLE. "Ladies" don't have high sex drives. "Freaks" do. And the freak part is supposed to be on reserve for ONE person.

So then I ponder...

What about the dudes?

How possible is it to be a "gentleman" with a high sex drive?
(By the way, what the hell is a gentleman in 2006? Is he the "nice guy"?
The Hill Harper? The one with the morals? The one you meet at church only to find out he's there cuz a whole bunch of crazy isht found him first? Fill me in.)

Surprisingly enough, I think it goes both ways.

Perhaps the classification of such "ladies and gentlemen" is really a quiet tag of restraint and poise: You resist/suppress and you make it look GOOD.

Which also has me wonder: Do ho's ever retire?

Michael Jordan did it (basketball-ho).

Jay-Z did it (rap-ho).

Okay, so those are bad examples.

But for real. Being a female, and being a female with a selective potty mouth (I PROMISE I'll stop once I find something really wrong with it)

I couldn't help but notice other than s***t, a**, and d***, every other profane word attacks a female from a sexual standpoint.
Why does our sexual activity have to weigh so heavily against/for us???

Truth be told, if she ever fessed up about her numbers, it might trigger someone's asthma. But it doesn't take away from HER
...or does it?

Okay, now this has gone somewhere else and I must close.


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