Saturday, December 30, 2006


This year,

I want some of these
riiiight here .

(And they have to stay longer than 3 days or it doesn't count).

In hindsight, I was romantically BORED in 2006. I had my usual space-fillers but no one of great interest. Do you know that I haven't gotten butterflies (that lasted for more than 3 days) in almost TWO YEARS??? How crazy is that? I used to always have a crush. As a matter of fact, I used to have several (celebrity and average joes alike). I don't know what's happened but I just don't seem to get googly-eyed over guys anymore. And I've been out with some attractive ones too! Maybe my early decision of "no relationships" this year shut down other things like basic attraction? I don't know. But dammit I want butterflies this year. More than once! And I don't care who gives them to me: A guy at Target or some actor in an indie film.

At a recent dinner out with the family, I was asked about my thoughts about the upcoming year. I went somewhere in my mind and what came out was :
"Something better pop off or I'mma CHOKE something!"

So there's my theme for 2007
(until I forget or don't care anymore):

"Or else..."

I'm also going to manage this year's resolutions on a quarter-to-quarter basis. I think I'll set goals each quarter as opposed to an entire year. So here's what I've got for Quarter #1:
  • Do something FULL OUT. Even when I want to give up. Even when it looks like I'm about to have my ass handed to me. I want to have my first experience of giving my all to something in first quarter.
  • Fall in love with something. A great pair of shoes, a job, a person, a city, a new hobby/haircolor/lip gloss...SOMETHING.
  • Network into a B-plan for the grad school yay or nay in April.
  • Make a list of a whole bunch of shit that I never thought I'd do (within reason) and consider doing it in quarters 2, 3, and 4.
  • Upgrade the social calendar. Not on Paris Hilton status but I haven't been out and about in a while. I'm young. My ambition has been riding shotgun for quite some time, and since I've put a few things in place, the backseat doesn't look so bad.

All that said...

What do you want from 2007?

Wow Joiia- that IS the question of the day. I'm sitting here now beginning to crank it all out.

I love what you're doing and I feel you girl. I wish you long-lasting butterflies and all the other quarterly accomplishments your beautiful heart can stand.

I LOVE what's happening for us in '07...I'm truly excited ALREADY b/c I KNOW our next levels will be reached.

Yes indeed! Thanks for the cyber hug:o)

*mwah* back atcha, harlemnaturallycurlygurl:o)
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