Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Laws of Attraction

So over the weekend, a relative of mine came by for a visit. To be honest, I knew OF him but I didn't KNOW him, feel me? I just knew his name and who his kids were. So we're chatting and he, being really into numerology, asked me what my birth date is and how I spell my name. So he's breaking it down as far as who I am and my strengths and weaknesses, and I must say he was quite accurate. (Hell no I ain't telling you, so don't ask.)

Except for one thing.

He asked me, "Do you usually attract needy men?"

I had no clue that was coming, so I sat there with the stupid face for a minute.
"Huh?" I replied eloquently.

"Do you seem to always attract men who seek 'repair' ?"
Then I processed the thought completely and said
"Hmmm...I never thought about it. Let me think about it."

So then I did.

In high school, hands down, I attracted weirdos. I mean WEIRD azz mofos. In college, I upgraded to Mama's Boys. But now? It's so varied that I couldn't honestly agree with him.
So I didn't.

"Nah. Maybe back in the day, but for the here and now, I'm going to say no."

So he moved on.

But I kept chewing on that. I haven't looked at my laws of attraction in quite some time. It was a yummy invitation that I couldn't resist, so I took it further:

What kind of PEOPLE do I attract?

1. Children
2. Alpha-Male Conquistadors
3. Artsy/Bohemian/Creative People (of all races and degrees)
4. Hustlers (usually disguised as #2)/Entreprenuers
5. Domineering/Controlling women (affable tho...at least initially)
6. Virgos
7. Lone Rangers

(you can see where this is going right? lol)

Okay, real talk. I listed this out for the first time on this blog and I'm just grinning to myself right now because it's quite clear why this happens. They're all a part of me, lol.

Wow. That wasn't fun to say or accept but dammit...


I wonder how I should look at #2? I definitely don't see myself as an Alpha anything, let alone a conquistador. I was never an "It girl". Maybe they (the #2s) come because I'm usually evasive?
Like a cat and mouse chase?
ooooooohhhh... another insight.

(Don't know if I want to say this one, but here it goes...)


I'll always run because if you're after me you can't be all that great? I'm used to wanting things I can't have, so if I can have it (in my silent fukked up line of thinking) it must not be worth as much. And that doesn't just apply to people but opportunity itself.


Wow. This is not where I thought this entry was going to go.

Oh well. That's what I get for typing in brain-farting realtime.

I'm done.

Let me hurry up and post this before I change my mind.


Everyone wants stuff they can't have. We don't like stuff to be easy. That is just the nature of people and the laws of attraction.
That was really brave of you to be that open. Applause...
(To: Anonymous) Indeed, indeed.

(To: Mssula) Thanks:o)
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