Wednesday, December 06, 2006

*** Tracey Noooo!!***

I'm sorry but this crap right here pisses me off. This alone inspires me to start something called "Celebrity DOWNGRADE". Tracey Edmunds-No More! You were my shero! I was quietly following in your footsteps, but now??? As the Parental Unit used to say to me: "This hurts me more than it hurts you." (I always felt like they were lying but, in this moment of clarity, I believe that I understand.)

I'm closing my eyes as I do this but dammit Tracey...

You've earned the stamp of whackness.

I know he probably makes you laugh and might be the exact opposite of Babyface,
but COME ON! Charlie Murphy is better than Eddie!

Eddie "Scary Spice Sperm Donor" Murphy???

I have two words for you: Johnny Gill.
You can redeem yourself, Tracey.

I believe in you!!!

WHAT!? when did tracy and babyface divorce? What the heck? I don't remember that. I too, am quite disapointed in these shenanigans between Eddie and Tracy. This is ridiculous! I believed that Tracy and Babyface were going to make it. Dang...they did get married kinda young though so I can see it. Wow...what are we coming to next.
Girl, YES! I was so crushed when I heard about it too, so I understand. I don't know if links work in the comment section, but you can go here to catch up:,26334,1146165,00.html

If Grant Hill and Tamia file for divorce, I'm probably going to go fetal for about 2 hours.
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