Wednesday, December 20, 2006

***Vanity Prayer***

Dear God,
For my future life, this is my prayer
with or without, my love, John Mayer.

Forgive my vanity,
for that fruit has been peeled.
I will promise to stop talking about people I don't know,
(and even if I do know them)
my lips will be sealed.

In times when I'm broke
and I have no disposable money,
May I look like Kelly Rowland (in this pic)
all throughout my 20's.

To glow like Wendy R. Robinson in my 30's
would be a dream.
Just tell me who makes it
and where I can buy the cream.

In my 40's I plan to be fearless
so it's important you see,
to be on Vanessa Williams' status
as I do what I please.

And in my 50's,
when my waistline no longer goes in,
may I possess the elasticity
of Patti LaBelle's skin.

As I flex my gray hair in grace,
and my teeth start to go missing,
May I make that thang look GOOD,
just like Nancy Wilson in her 60's.


I love it!!! Happy Holidays!
Thanks! I originally started with:

Twas the new cover of Essence,
not a Beyonce in sight,
were four stunning women,
and only one's skin was bright.

But I decided against the Christmas-y theme, lol.

Happy Merry to you as well!!
you know that's my new away message right!! rofl
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