Thursday, January 11, 2007

***David "Deep Pockets" Beckham***

This just in folks...

The metrosexual Brad Pitt of soccer (sometimes referred to as "David Beckham") has announced today that he will leave his current team, Real Madrid, for the Los Angeles Galaxy in August."So what?"

SO this dude is getting broke off $250 million dollars to play for FIVE YEARS!
That's roughly a million dollars...

I know his wanna-be Barbie of a wife can't WAIT for L.A.

I didn't think American soccer had money like that. Or do they? This year, I bet a whole bunch of players will play games in Payless cleats and uniforms with holes to write this check.

Can you imagine the cutbacks?

" leg. I think I twisted something."

"Okay. Grab some ice and go run it off. "

"But coach, it's not a sprain! I really think I..."

"Didn't you hear me?! Do you want David Beckham in our league or some physical therapist to untwist your leg? "

"Where's the ice?"

Oh and Vicky....your ass is wrong as hell for this here.
Keep YOUR clothes on YOU.

(damn shame)

gurrrrl, you KNOW MLS is puttin ALL their eggs in this Beckham Basket! This announcement is obviously a big deal for them, but DAYUM, this is indeed excessive. Geez!

and honey you had me HOLLERIN' at them Payless Cleats! ROFLMBAO!!!!!!! You are W-R-O-N-G for that!

Ummm- they need something/someone to kickstart interest in American Soccer since international soccer is so dominant...who better than this popular hottie? other than Freddy Adu, Beckham is the only soccer player I CAN NAME. LOL! still...all I can say is HE betta not EVER need an ice pack for ANYTHING. They're paying every single muscle to be in top shape for 5 years. I wish that m*th***cka WOUUUULD act injured after all this! LOL

and this check is just his day job...did we forget his ENDORSEMENT side hustle???

(shaking my head at how we can't pay teachers, but we can pay ball-kickers)
Oooh I feel you! He can't catch a cold, have a bad day, smell musty, not show up at all 10 of my sister's friend's cousin children's birthday parties...

I wonder what kind of background checks they do for big ol' contracts like these? After reading about Jason Kidd's domestic issues, it is quite probable that one could get a plate cracked on their head for some Ike & Tina type stuff.

I'd charge his ass for every incident. Like how the Parental Unit used to say "No Allowance this week!"

Only it never cost me a million f'n dollars...

Hey, do you think if I went to work with a ball in my hand I'd get more money? Teachers should try that out too! Juuuuuust to see;o)

I just heard that a lot of the dough IS coming from endorsements, but STILL.

It sure does sound like society values skills w/a ball more than the ability to SPELL ball.

he bet'not SMELL MUSTY Joiia?! ROFL!! *aaaagh!*

you know that pretty boy will be wipin' sweat w/hundred-dollar bills. he got this... ;^P
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