Monday, January 08, 2007

***Grossly Gluttonous***

I know I'm greedy but DAYUM. Today's lunch was on some other isht. I consumed a $11.52 plate of food in about 8 minutes. No joke. I was almost inspired to learn how to cook based on this parking lot experience, but that fantasy was quickly grounded by the realization that re-creating this meal would require mucho trial-and-error on my part (mainly because my soul isn't developed enough to cook from yet). I was so disgustingly full that I had to change the radio to the jazz station for comfort. Real talk, if anyone punched me in my stomach, I would have vomited on their forearm instantly. To avoid throwing up, I decided to stay put for 2.26 jazz songs (cuz I would've been PISSED to puke $11.52 to a point of no return).

I had no idea I was capable of a feat such as this.

I'd probably celebrate if I didn't feel so gross.

The OK Cafe is okay with me!

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