Wednesday, January 24, 2007

***Tamia Rodham Obama***

Can we take a moment of YouTube silence to pay respect to Tamia?

Thank you.
This chick is so ridiculously underrated it's almost sickening. I'm not expecting you to watch all 8.5 minutes of her album review, but at least hear her accappella. Is she not great??? *sigh*
I don't know why she isn't a bigger star. Well, I take that back.
I know exactly why.
(or at least I think that I do)

Tamia isn't a fantasy woman.
She's simple, you know?

She's a regular woman/wife/mother
who has maintained her natural flyness enough to still hold some attention.
Nothing about her is over the top.
She's simple, talented, and just GREAT.
Buy her album.

Tamia for president!

Oooooohh....speaking of which...

I really hope Obama doesn't run. He's pretty much said that he is but WHY NOW??? The hype machine is too much. I am in no way politically savvy or astute but from what I've researched, dude's political muscle is questionable. Don't get me wrong, I love his ideas. He seems to think like people of my generation, which is very cool. However, he's running against HILLARY "I got this, Bill!" CLINTON. Actually, let me shut up and do more homework. It might be too early to be concerned and I don't have enough information to really speak on the matter.
Honestly though?
I think at the core, I'm uneasy with the idea of two potential firsts going head-to-head. On one hand, we could be looking at the first Black president (episodes of 24 come to mind but I don't watch the show to know what that means). On the other hand, we could be talking about the first female president.


The plot thickens.

p.s- Oh and I will tell you that I got up Obama's business a little. They pay that much for book deals???

oh Joiia! I *heart* Tamia- ALWAYS have from the first time I heard "You Put a Move on my Heart". I've TOTALLY always been a part of the "Why is Tamia so overwhelmingly SLEPT ON?!" movement, so this post was a wonderful tribute that brought my sentiments home.

I've missed this girl. Her voice is so warm and incredibly controlled, while beautiful and unique at the same time. I adore "Officially Missing You", "Spend My Life With You", and "I Can't Get Enough of You". Her first album was my soundtrack my senior year of high school...that black one with the chopsticks in her hair? She's SO awesome! The first clip was very entertaining (and effective- I definitely want the album now). The second clip was soooo beautiful that I have to share (*will credits to you for the exposure*) it on my MySpace page.

GREAT finds chica- just brightened my night!

Oh- and another thing...I've always likened Tamia to Chante' Moore. Another beautiful woman with an amazingly beautiful voice that juuuuust can't quite get that superstar break. They come with a GREAT song (i.e. "Stranger in My House", "Chante's Got a Man", etc.) and then it's back to the background.

I'd previously blamed this on their record companies for lack of promo and exposure. But in general, I think they're just too classy for this trashy music listening public. These kids wanna lean and rock (LOL- hell, I do too)- but they often don't appreciate a TRUE love song or a true R&B vocalist. Let me say that again...VOCALIST (not sorry a$$ act signed to make money under the guise of being called "an entertainer")!

The music listening public of the days of Chaka Khan, the Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye, and Aretha just can't understand a singer who does what she's supposed to do. Sing. And she does it well- withOUT the help of a million synthesizers, beats, and sound effects to mask a weak voice.

Oh man- lemme hush.

Thanks for the post, though chica!

(And Obama...I'm afraid to get started on him. Maybe another day...LOL!)
Yes indeed! You forgot "Into You" and "You Put a Move on My Heart"! If you just dabble with a few tracks of her album, I can totally vouch for "Me", "Can't Get Enough", "Too Grown For That", and "Last First Kiss". The whole album is good though.

You know what? I couldn't quite grasp Chante's thing. She did have some good ones though. Her and Keith Washington had that niiiiice duet:o)

I wonder if their careers would have done something different if they wore sequinned mini dresses and ass-flashed every now and then.

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