Friday, February 02, 2007

***America's Next Tyra Mess***

Who keeps letting her make this show????

When are these chicks going to get a grip and realize THIS SHOW DOES NOTHING FOR YOUR CAREER!?! Has ANYONE seen any of the past winners doing anything? Besides Eva Pigford, I can't. Anyway, after 22, I personally believe that if one hasn't already dipped in the supermodel fondue pot, you should eat some pasta and bread and wait for Maxim or King magazine to call. Or get a sugar daddy. It's not worth kissing Tyra's ever-expanding ass to play "The Fabulous Life of: Me!".

If ya'll don't stop picking up these skinny, generic-looking mall rats and club-hoppers, I'm going to write a letter. Actually, no. I'm going to write a petition and put 800 names from the phone book on it. You should not subject us (and those pitiful excuses for models) to this torture YEAR AFTER YEAR.

This was last season's troop of hopefuls:
Sad, ain't it? Even airbrushed these chicks look hurt. I'm sure they're great in other aspects of Life, but COME ON! Photography!?!? No.

Afro Barbie raises a good question:

Janet knew what time it was:
But you're over there FRONTIN':

I saw Tyra's reply.
(By the way, if one of her "friends" doesn't tell her that the dead muskrat-looking thing on her head is NOT HOT, I will.)

But please stop fronting like she's NOT in a position where she CAN gain weight without much consequence. She owns both of her shows! (If ratings suffer, then I bet she'll go on a salt &pepper diet!) But she played the game as long as she had to being 'skinny and perfect' so stop throwing tantrums on national television. You were a supermodel. Don't get mad cuz we believed it and now we don't. Besides, we know you're just building up to a big "How I Lost The Weight" episode anyway.

No one is saying curves aren't sexy.

Selma Hayek , Beyonce , and
Jennifer Lopez spoke on that already.

If you came in the game that size, would we care?

But you came in like this:

And now you look like this:
What? No one can speak on the obvious difference?
Get over yourself.

Quit your whining and sprinkle some Valium on that mac & cheese tonight.

P.S.- This brings me to another point.
I'm so sick of people blaming the fashion industry for eating disorders and weight standards. Think about it. If you are a fashion designer (which means you make CLOTHES for a living) who could sell your pieces for $3,000 or more, what would you rather be a focus during your commercial (also known as a FASHION SHOW): Your design work? Or some model's curves?

Women, you know the dangers of our curves. Who is going to pay attention to the dress when our boobs and butt are stealing the show? If I was a designer I'd be so pissed! Because the show is no longer about my work but some chick's body.

Tell 'em Whitney:

No 1 is doing ANYTHING from this shop except Elyse! And get off Tyra, she's just dispelling rumors:)
Ha! Is that what you call it??? They said she's big but she's saying she's not THAT big. Where exactly is the rumor? Gaining 40 instead of 60?

What is Elyse doing? (Adult film doesn't count)
That Tyra works my nerves like NO ONE ELSE. She is just PAINFUL to watch.

Soooo needy and attention starved. She doesn't know who she is. She borrows personas and contradicts herself allll the time. Her own insecurities and issues are the TRUE center of everything she talks about. Her show is a big "me, me, me" fest- she barely lets the guests talk before jumping in to talk about how "that same thing happened to (her)".

Ugh! Get over yourself. She just tries TOO hard. It's like she's using the show as a therapist- I wish she'd just go to one.

And that "kiss my fat a$$!" tantrum was SOOOO childish and over the top. She's all on Larry King making an issue of this. She doesn't give a damn about any "young girls" or "women"- she just uses that as a crutch to justify her OWN shortcomings.

And finally- I thought OPRAH (who she's trying painfully to mimic) looked a mess sans makeup. Agh! That thang looks a horrible mess. That vaseline thing was just *eyes rollin'*

I wish Tyra would go on a verrrry long vacay.

*great post cause I love to see her aired out!*
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