Tuesday, February 06, 2007

***DREAMGIRLS Review***

Okay, so I FINALLY saw Dreamgirls last night...
'Bout time, right?

Well, I already warned you how I am... remember X-Men 3?? I was amped, right? Couldn't WAIT. How about I didn't see it until Thanksgiving (after I bought it from Blockbuster). So anyhoo, I saw it and I didn't have anything "bad" or "negative" to say. I didn't have anything super great to say either. It was cool. Loved the costumes, hair, and makeup (I noticed that Beyonce's always seemed to be 2 steps above). Songs were good-- especially "Jimmy Got Soul!" (LMAO! Totally reminded me of the SNL James Brown "Hot Tub" skit). Beyonce didn't even get on my nerves (shocked me too!). But I left the theater thinking "Oscar worthy???" I was on board with the hype machine around the movie, but I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I was bracing myself to have my heart ripped from my chest and love every minute of it. But I didn't. I did, however, get goosebumps when J-Hud sang the "One Night Only" and the signature song. You know, she has that voice that'll give you guilt if you skipped church last Sunday. It will be very interesting to see how her career pans out in the long-run.

Eddie Murphy was great though! I liked him more than anyone else! Especially in the scene at the Christmas party when he was on the couch "sinning". THAT WAS ACTING! Did you see the non-verbal communication go down in that scene!?!? I loved it.

Yeah, I don't know much about movies. A lot of the ones I like don't win awards anyway, so I can't say I know what is worthy and what isn't. But I wasn't floored like I was hoping to be. I can't listen to Black people when it comes to movie award merit and credentials. Primarily because when Halle Berry won for "Monster's Ball", not one single solitary Negro could explain WHY she did. All I heard was "Halle! That's my girl! She PLAYED that part!" Huh? I'm sure if she didn't win (or include an interracial porn scene) a good number of folks wouldn't have cared anyway.

I clearly don't understand movies enough to know what qualifies people for big-time accolades like an Oscar or Academy Award.

And Beyonce has nothing to be bitter about (if she is).

She didn't suck, her story was told indirectly, and she played the role she should have-- herself. I wonder if LaTavia and LeToya watched the movie like "Unh huh...", rolling their eyes the whole time.

Now the Temptations movie????
THAT was that stuff right there!
Man, I had to hold it together when Blue died. I needed a moment. It was that same sadness when Luther Vandross made an appearance on some award show after his stroke, and couldn't do justice to his own song. I did the Denzel two-tear-stone-face-Glory movie cry. It was hard. Now if that won an award I could understand. Dreamgirls didn't get me like that.

Oh well.

They've won awards and I'm sure they'll continue to do so.

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