Wednesday, February 07, 2007

IGNO(RED): Blacks and AIDS/HIV

(I hate my blindspots.)

Today is National Black AIDS/HIV Awareness Day. Learning of this yesterday, here's what I became aware of :
So I looked to understand why things haven't changed.
Here's what I
'm thinking:

Then I looked at things that were being done today. Everyone's heard of Project (Red), right? If not, click here for background. Apple has a red iPod, Motorola created a red Razor cell phone, and The Gap made t-shirts and parkas. Now I understand the intention behind it, so don't think I'm dissing what the cause is about. But I was really turned off as I reviewed the campaign.

Apparently, this is what it takes to get our attention:
They make it cool.

and sexy...

But tell me,
what the hell is cool and sexy about AIDS and HIV?!?!
Using sex to advertise a disease that is mobilized by sex just seems "off".

Then I read this article:
(click here)
"...when a black person dies of AIDS, many times, regardless of the person's gender, behavior or sexual orientation, friends and family members say other illnesses caused the death."


For the affected demographic, sexual freedom and expression is practiced without much regard for consequence. It seems as if moral guidance doesn't hold much weight next to instant gratification. Pretending to be invincible to something that's quietly looming around you on a daily basis does nothing but make you right because
Death makes everyone invincible.

Get responsible.
Get tested.
Get informed.
Get real.
(Most of us can't afford not to.)

Click here for my homie Eddie's perspective!

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