Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This year I wasn't inspired to do anything special for the Hometeam for Valentine's Day. I detest forced sentimental expressions, so I didn't. I will admit that I'm a tad disappointed in not finding anything fun to do, so I'll just say it plainly:

For those I know, and those I don't. For those I talk to, and those I won't. For those who tolerate my antics and try not to judge. For those who can actually do that, and do not resent or hold grudge. For those who think I'm crazy, but do their best not to say it. For those who are forced to financially participate: cash, check, or credit card payment. For those whom are paired (or secretly tripled). For those whom (love it or hate it) are single. For those who doubt love's existence, or believe it to be true.
Let it be known that at this moment
(until you piss me off):

I love you!

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