Tuesday, February 20, 2007

***Making Over Macy***

Gotdammit, they don' got Macy!!!

You know, some people are better off being the "anti". It makes things much more interesting. Hollywood (and probably her management team) has made over one of my favorite crackhead actresses, Macy Gray. I don't mean crackhead in the for real-for real way. (Love ya Whitney!)

But nobody, I mean NOBODY, plays a better crackhead role than Macy Gray. She NAILS IT err' time! What I'm saying is that every woman isn't created to be drooled over. Some are created to show the world our incredible range.

I'm going to miss her crazy "Is she smoking that shit?" antics :o/

I never knew I could get a hard-on lookin at Macy Gray, she thick as a load of bricks.
You disturb me.
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