Monday, February 12, 2007

***The Soundtrack of Sighs***

So Norah Jones has come out with a new CD. I like her stuff but I have to be in the mood for it. For some reason, 4 consecutive Norah Jones songs make me either sleepy or lazy. She just sounds like she never leaves the house. As if she putters around all day, looking out the window, washing dishes, slumping on the couch, singing songs. If I had to provide a simile to describe the aura of her work, I would say "a shoulder-slumping sigh".

(Click here to hear for yourself.)

She got sexy for this one though.

Shocked the helloutta me to see all that red.

I bet this album was inspired by trips to the mailbox.

homie look super gay in that picture....
Norah Jones looks gay?? How you figure?
Oooooh nevermind, I get it. You're talking about John Mayer (wrong blog post, genius). Yeah, he really isn't cute. He has his features but, overall, I like to think of his look as "Sickly & Sullen":o) He's no Paul Walker but the irony of his charm is hidden in his offbeat brashness--- where few can get to;o)
OMG I was giggling non-stop reading that post- that lazy Norah Jones description was absolutely on point.

I've always said she reminds me of a Country Time Lemonade commercial. Just slooooow, laaaazy, and lounging in a hammock all day.

Hilarious! (speshly b/c your description gave me the most pathetic mental picture ever! LOLOL!!)
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