Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ying Yanging This Thang

How can I say this without eliciting a communal "Is Everything Alright?" intervention of any sort?
Okay, let's try this:

Do you know who these folks are?
These are twins.

For real!
Came out of the same woman, conceived with the same man.
(Apparently, this has happened several times over in Britain.)

Okay, so why the focus on twins of different races?

Back in high school, my mother used to call me an "Afrocentric White Girl", lol. Can't say that I blame her because sometimes I feel two very distinct ways in Life. These two ways are so distinct that I've given each a name. I have an inner White girl, Becky, and an inner hoodrat, Shaqweeta.
(No Black is not synonymous with "hoodrat". I'm already Black by default.)

But this Ying and Yang of my personality is very distinct, and I'm sure at times (if you really pay attention) you can tell who's got the mic.

Becky loves Wolfmother and Led Zepplin. She loves nature and is quite docile. She prefers harmony and peace. She genuinely uses words like "awesome", "rock", "dude", and has a tendency to be very trusting of complete strangers. Under the influence of alcohol, Becky wants to make everyone in sight her closest friend. She feels connected to Alanis Morrisette's Jagged Little Pill album and desperately wanted to be Gwen Stefani when she was with No Doubt. Becky breaks her neck whenever she hears vintage Madonna songs or hits from the 60's or 80's. Becky loves to shop at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. She is responsible for the "Moments of Whiteness" playlist in my iTunes library. She is the only one allowed to speak during job interviews.

Then there's Shaqweeta...

The one who will say "Alright now...don't fukk around and get cussed out!" She's the hood & hellified one. Confrontational, tacky, dominating, intimidating and (at times) too raw for her own good. Shaqweeta is full of slang and homegirl speak. And even though she's irritated by her most times, she will defend Becky as only she can. Sometimes both Becky and I have to grab each of her arms and hold her back, because we know that if she reaches the vocal chords, all hell is going to break loose. Whenever words like "yo ass", "...THIS muthaf*ka...", "And?!?!?", or anything grammatically incorrect are used, it's probably her. She likes the personal style of C-list urban artists like Keyshia Cole and Remy Ma, and whenever intoxicated magically becomes a rapper. She is responsible for the "Ig'nant Azz GREATNESS" playlist in my iTunes library. She always finds a way to speak when I'm not paying attention or get too "comfortable".

And somewhere in between all of that is me.

As I described to someone the other week, I will always prefer the musical over the tragedy. Definitely the introvert of the trio. I love corny things and people...they make me smile. "Crazy", "creative" and "eccentric" seem to be my most frequent revolving monikers. Appear to be very random because of Shaqweeta and Becky's influence. Curious yet cautious. Analytical and anal. A slightly apathetic master observer, constantly battling bouts of self-righteousness and cosmetic product addiction. Sole creator of the "Think Dammit!", "Cherry Wood Floors", and "Has Anyone Seen My Cell Phone?" playlists in my iTunes library.

As distinct as we all are, we do have our commonalities. No one likes to cook. No one is politcally savvy. No one likes unsolicited instruction. We're all pretty loud and impulsive, and every last one of us has our pampered, self-centered, snobby ways.

BUT...You don't have to take MY word for it...(lol)

(I've been DYING to use that!)

Don't you love how every Black female has lil' Bonquesha in her no matter how Beckafied they are?
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