Tuesday, March 06, 2007

***Possibly Stupid Q***

Q: Let's say I drink water out of the same bottle that I refill at the water cooler. Then let's say (oops!) I'm sick. Yet, I'm still thirsty so, I continue to drink from that bottle. Now let's say I'm all better.

If I drink out of that same bottle, can I get sick again from my own germs?

In my unqualified non-medical opinion, I don't think so. If you are completely over the cold, I don't think you will get sick from those same exact germs. First of all, they will die after a couple of days (or so) and I don't think people get sick from the same germs. I think every time you get sick it is from a different strain of the same virus. Thats what my doctor told me...so I don't think you can get sick (in the, its just a mild cold, kind of a way). Now I think maybe if it is a bacterial infection, it might be different.
See! That's what I was thinking too! I remembering learning that you can't catch the exact same cold because your immune system builds up to never be affected by that specific strain. I really couldn't remember if that was one of those "I Heard" things or if it was for real. Thanks:o)
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