Sunday, March 04, 2007

Umbrella Ogling

I'm on the hunt for a kick-ass umbrella. A punchy plastic one or a bold nylon print is what I've always envisioned. One that would totally contrast a gloomy, rainy day. One that challenges the inclination to mope and live the day in begrudging undertones. I've seen several different umbrellas that, for reasons I can't explain, internally excite me. I notice that my heart beats faster. My eyes widen. And usually, attached with inner intrigue of its beauty, my lips part as my jaw muscles involuntary relax, leaving my mouth agape in awe.
Publicly smitten.

The ideal me has about 3 or 4 very cool umbrellas.

And since I can only be the person I am at this moment...

why not have my very first now?

Her umbrella was the only reason I watched the Heather Headley video "I Wish I Wasn't" several years ago. For me, the umbrella made the video. (The jacket was cute too)

Cool umbrellas in gloomy weather carry the same weight as a sincere unsolicited compliment--- you aren't looking for them but when they occur, they offer incredible warmth.

go to borders. they have DOPE ass umbrellas.
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