Saturday, April 21, 2007

BlockBuster Bust

So I'm at Blockbuster, right.

Fervently combing the Pre-Viewed racks to take advantage of the current 4 for $20 sale. I'm literally flipping through damn near every DVD case to find the best buys. I decided to go to Blockbuster on my way home because I figured the most ideal situation for that night was to fall asleep to a light-hearted, easy-to-follow movie. I wanted a good chick flick. The last chick flick I saw was "The Devil Wears Prada" which was "Eh." Oh wait, that's not true. I saw "Shop Girl" (Don't do it. TRUST me.). The last chick flick that I loved in its entirety was "The Wedding Planner". Shocking, right? A Jennifer Lopez movie. But her wardrobe was sooo great and they didn't let her talk too much. Also, the supporting characters were funny. And sorry but Mr. McConoughey was quite charming-- I understood his Hollywood hype from that movie:o) It was cheesy in all the right places.

Anyhoo, since then the well has been dry.

Yet I decided that I was going to redeem myself from my last attempt for gold-star selections during the 4 for $20 sale. I noticed a clear avoidance of Taye Diggs and Reese Witherspoon movies. I don't dislike Mr. Diggs for any reason other than I NEVER thought he was that hotness. Even when folks were getting their "groove back". I just felt like I could beat him up if I got angry enough, so you know how that goes. And I'm not really sure what the Reese Witherspoon thing is about. I think it's because I don't think she's easy to look at. And in "It Girl" roles the dynamic simply fukks with my mental. I tried in "Legally Blonde" (still haven't finished it).

So here's what I decided on and why.

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle- It was a chick flick with a memorable scene: Cameron Diaz mafia slaps the bad guy/gal in the bathroom with her banging stiletto boot (it's on her foot)! Then had him/her in the choke-hold with her heel! In the world of "Not Ever", that ranks pretty high on the bad ass scale. I need to study that move for my superhero aspirations. However, the over-the-top cheese factor annoys me so I never made it to that scene.

Thumbsucker- It's this indie flick that (according the DVD box) won a lot acclaim in 2005 with Sundance and whatever. Y'all I'm DYING over here. I'm trying to watch it but I keep yelling at the TV. I had to take a break. There's something about independent movies that can't seem to balance good writing with offbeat charm. They wanna be all deep and shit but they just don't communicate anything other than some weirdos looking to justify their version of something. "Little Miss Sunshine" did an EXCELLENT job of delivering the goods. Even "Napoleon Dynamite" did (although everyone may not get the humor). I enjoi different thoughts and perspectives (which is mainly why I watch foreign and independent films) but DAYUM people! Get clever!

Look At Me- Haven't seen it yet. Subtitles. French speaking. Hopefully it won't disappoint.

Something New- I saw it in the movies with high hopes. I left with disappointment. Sanaa Lathan isn't someone I can stomach easily. I thought she was excellent in "Love and Basketball" because she's got that emotional awkward thing DOWN. It was great for a "tomboy in love" kinda role. But when she does that same isht with DAMN NEAR EVERY CHARACTER, I just can't. I don't get her. I'm not interested in trying to either. And all of the girlfriend chatter annoyed me. Every time one of her friends would talk, I involuntarily rolled my eyes. I was grateful to be on a couch with the power of fast forward. I just wish the character was played by someone with more sauce. I can't think of anyone ideal but...whatever. It is what it is. I wanted chick flick, I got it. I just didn't realize the 2nd time around would be so hard.

Is it just me, or are movies rarely entertaining?

I don't like most action movies, too skurred for scary movies, and dramas can lose me in the first 20 minutes if its too much. I appreciate great writing, 3-D plots, and great cinematograpy.

You know what?

It probably is me.

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