Monday, April 23, 2007

***Bloody Catholic Baptism***

(Only because I'm sure she doesn't read my blog will I tell you this...)

So today Persh calls to tell me about this weird dream she had last night. Mind you, the last time she called me about a dream, I had lice in my hair.

In a nutshell, she was baptized in a Catholic church by Eddie Murphy in blood.

What that means, me not know. HOWEVER, because my interested was piqued, I went to a source I discovered when a friend of mine had a weird dream. He's called "The Dream Doctor" and he has a live radio show up in Vermont or New Hampshire where he'll interpret your dreams for free from 9pm-1am eastern time.

I just gave her the number.

(I'll let you know what he says, lol.)


P.S.- What's really not cool is that this is more evidence of how my sister will never get the same weirdo stamp that I do. She can have some crazy dreams like this, dye her tongue purple, and set her hair on fire, and who will still get the "psycho" label??? So unfair.

P.S.S.- She hasn't dyed her tongue or set her hair ablaze...I was making a point:o)

Oh PLEEZE follow this one up! I started laughing at one point about Eddie the Bloody Baptizer about as hard as I laughed at that crazy pee-nus power lady! That was sho'nuff some interesting stuff. ;^D I love that girl!! Tell her hi for me!
Will do!

How about the number was disconneted?!? Poo on the Dream Doctor:o(
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