Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Boring Beginnings

I’m such a bitch sometimes.

I just came from a lunch date with this guy I met 2 weeks ago and I intentionally did/said things to turn him off. Hopefully it worked. We'll see. A few days ago, he decided that he likes me and told me. Well I wasn’t exactly floored but I totally respected him for his brazen declaration. It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there like that (if you mean it). And there’s nothing wrong with him. He’s a nice guy (i.e. He hasn’t said or done anything to offend me yet)

from Alabama (steeeerike ONE!).

I know, “Why does being from Alabama count against him?”

I created a very immature location selection system in college that has yet to fail me. Knowing that it is indeed immature and judgemental does not hinder its usage because the damn thing WORKS. There are people I refuse to date (seriously) based on where they are from. These areas are: Alabama, Arkansas, Northern Florida, New Jersey, Boston, Northern California, and D.C./Maryland. I feel like I’m forgetting one but it’ll come to me eventually. Anyway, those are my No Zones. Of course there are exceptions but I’ve never been compelled to make one as of yet.

I’m open to it.
But this guy isn’t getting one.

Because aside from being from Alabama, homeboy is just…well…THERE. He isn’t interesting (steeerike TWO!). Nothing about him intrigues me. And don’t go into that “Oh so dudes are supposed to be there to entertain you?” To a certain degree, yes. The reason why you and I are friends (if we are) is because there’s a mutual level in interest in the other person. Some of you folks are just downright FASCINATING to me. And no, you don’t wear anything crazy or color your hair in funky shades, but just who you are….your whole setup and composition…the dynamics of YOU are interesting. Shoot, even some of the assholes and straight up jerks I've gone out with were interesting! Hell, the people I would never go out with and really don't like are INTERESTING!

This guy doesn’t have that.

Nothing "wrong" with him.

He’s just “nice” and he likes me.

Maybe that’s part of it too though. I don't like to be liked first. I like to like first and then later they decide they like me too, and because they are go-getters they go and attempt to get, and by the time I am approached I already know I’m interested so things should be cool. (Perhaps that's some of the "man" in me my guy homies refer to at times? Whatever. I like to hunt!) For the first 2 outings anyway.

Speaking of outings…
How many “Open Minded” ones should one have before peacing out is deemed as “fair” because you gave the person “a chance”???

[Thank goodness, I don't tell guys that I date about my blog. Lawd, I'd have to hold all this mess INSIDE until I busted at the seams. ]

First, I want to say that I know why you have x'ed out certain states. I can think of certain people and experiences that have brought that on. I remember some of those experiences from college. Funny, however, that you left southern cali in the mix given our undouted reputation for superficiality. Hmmm, maybe you like that. I don't know. Anyway, why is it that we always want what we can't have? I just want to throw that out there. Those men you like to like first b/4 they like you are the ones that you want b/c they don't want you first. How stupid is that? Did you ever think that those same guys wanted to want you before you wanted them? UGH>>> I hate this dating game. I am the same way you are. Can someone please just come correct and not want me too bad but still be nice, attentive, sensitive (in a man sort of way), and FINE? Is that asking too much?
Okay, clearly my GA public school education has failed once again because I thought all the superficiality was up north. And you know damn well I don't like that so stop playin;o) It really is ridiculous isn't it? It is completely absurd and yet things rarely gel without that. Perhaps part of that particular quirk is not only the gratification of the capture, but when people don't know you're looking you get to see a lot more. And if I'm looking first, then things I get to observe behind the scenes. And if I like what I see then I'll buy a ticket because I like what's running the show. Make sense? Probably not, lol. Either way, I feel you. Only I actually like dating. I just hate the duds, lol.

And you betta PREACH about that FINENESS!!! Lawd...
Yes, you definitely got the whole CA superficilaity mixed up. LA is the MOST superficial place ever. I didn't realize it until I moved back to CA after living in Boston and Wisconsin. Now that I am back I see how serious all this money (or at least looking like you have money) thing is. People do not play! Plus, if you are a girl you have to be ultra beautiful at all times. Its terrible. Having a brain, a good personality, and being decent looking isn't good enough.
Wowwww. That's just fukked up. No "Off Days" allowed, huh? What happens to all of the regular people of average beauty? That right there SUUUUUUUCKS in the world of me.
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