Monday, April 30, 2007

The Luck Runneth Over

I just couldn't seem to find the good side of the bed last week. Every A.M. disposition was this ongoing metamorphosis of Cranky to Whiny, Whiny to B*tchy, B*tchy to Mean-Muggin' Stank, and I think I stopped at Don't Breathe in My Air. It beez like that sometimes. Don't go saint on me cuz you know you've done it too, lol. Anyhoo, it was during this pre-menstrual week that I came to a for-the-moment conclusion about the majority of the rich, "successful" types out in the world: Those mofos just got LUCKY.

My father has ingrained in my head (among other things) that,
"There's no such thing as luck. 'Luck' is preparation meeting opportunity."
And I still think it's valid. HOWEVER...

I can't think of anyone who represents our general view of iconic success (i.e. the Oprah, Bill Gates, and Donald Trumps of America) who planned to have exactly what they have right now. The way I see it, they simply did something and that shit turned out. Granted, that doesn't invalidate anything -the success or accomplishments- but it sure doesn't make their words of wisdom any greater than the fabulousness you can find in a fortune cookie. (And I have found GOLD in between the folds of those tasteless wafers!)

I figure they had a vision of something they wanted that had them move in a direction that introduced them to the opportunity to do what they did to have what they have now (say that 3 times outloud, lol). But you can't tell me that Oprah knew she would be sitting on a few million dollars (let alone billion) one day by doing her talk show in the 80's. I'm just looking at how these icons write books that we buy like they are the gospel. Not only the autobiographies but the "How To Be Like Me" ones (which are usually the same thing). You know, the ones written with indirect emulation instructions.

What's the difference between the (unintentional) high fashion model and the dental assistant who could be one?

One was "discovered" and one wasn't?

Isn't that luck?

I'm wondering where the true line of demarcation lies between Bill and Oprah and any other person working hard towards living off their dream or interest. As I've learned, most people I know personally who are currently "successful" didn't even start out doing what they now do. A great portion of them didn't even THINK about the industry they're in. They all seem to have fell into it somehow. Either it was the only job they could get at the time...they were doing someone a favor...some head honcho randomly descended from his/her corner office and said "You!"...a friend made a've heard the stories. What is it? Hard work? Planning? Perseverance? Discipline? Predestination? All of the above?

Or do they use the aforementioned to justify or explain their luck?

Well...I don't believe in luck.

You made a good point, though.

My thought is...some of us DO make plans, prepare, and proceed and are blessed to see our efforts come to fruition.

Others...I think they're simply in for more than they knew they were in for, i.e. whatever their destiny was to came to find them.

They had to be at a point of openness and receptiveness to their "greatness". Had they not reached that point, they could've easily let it pass 'em by. O could've said no to distribution deals out of fear. Naomi could've thrown a phone at 'em and fcuk'd up her chances, Bill coulda said "nope...I'm graduating from COLLEGE nerds!"

But they didn't. They were open, they were presented with an opportunity (via an idea, a "discovery", or great timing...who knows?), and they took it. Ran with it. And just so happened to get paYYYYYY'd!

Just my off-the-top $.08
And a very much appreciated .08 it is:o)

I hear you! I just see that we all make choices and decisions in a lifetime and not everyone pans out as millionaires (for those who want that).

I saw it as random fortune in that moment. I liked your counter point of destiny finding you. Cuz I don't think Oprah was never going to be OPRAH when she was born.

Maybe the luck is wrapped up in the destiny?
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