Sunday, April 22, 2007

***Roadside Manner***

I'm driving on I-20 and I pass a construction crew doing some road maintenance. They had that sign up about a fine you have to pay for speeding around their work zone. Not too far away there was a guy fixing his tire on the side of the road.

Forgive me if this sounds morbid, but I started thinking...

1. There has clearly been alot of fatalities/accidents for a law to be passed around speeding in a highway construction zone.

2. I've never witnessed a car drive into the emergency lane accidentally.

3. I've heard about several deaths of people handling car issues on the side of the road and being hit by a car.

4. How the hell does that happen?

5. What does that accident report look like? "Well sir, I was driving and I saw this man and I just drove toward him."

Seriously, how can it happen as often as it does?

Is it always a case of "Not paying attention"?

No, it is not always a case of "not paying attention." It is that plus the fact that sh*t happens...if you know what I mean. We have had cases like that where the person is paying attention and well, sh*t happened.
What??? Seriously? It's chalked up to "shit happens"? Wow. There just HAS to be more than that...right?? That's so hard to believe!
I'm telling you thats what happens. The light can be bad and the person cannot see that there is a contruction worker/person changing tire until it is too late, they can be avoiding an animal crossing the road and swerve and hit a contruction worker/person changing tire, they can be speeding and not give themselves ample time to stop/slow down for those constuction guys holding the sign telling people to slow down/person changing tire, they can hit a bump in the road and lose control of their car, their brakes can fail, their brake pad could be low and they could be speeding, the steering fluid could have been leaking the whole time and they could lose control of their car, they could misjudge their car's ability to stop and/or misjudge how big their car is when they are driving (you know how some people tend to lean toward one side of the road more than the other not realizing that they might actually be on the line? I hate people that drive like that), the person changing tire could have forgotten to put on their emergency blinkers and they are not visible, the turn could be a hard turn that is just a dengerous turn in general (in which the city/county can get sued if there are lots of accidents there), it can be raining, it can be snowing, there could be a small spill in the road, their tires can be misaligned such that their car pulls to one side of the road and the driver doesn't realize it, one tire could be really low on air and the steering is not all good, the tread on the tires could be low such that the tires don't take curves as well as they could....the list goes on and on.

The bottom line is that in addition to people not paying attention (which is part of it), people are also not careful in general even if they are paying attention, and by in large sh*t happens. We got cases like this all the time...then the driver's insurance company would try to sue the car or tire manufacturer blaming the fact that they didn't stop in time or that the hit a bump and lost control on the automobile manuafacturer. I'm telling you. Ish happens. If people were just more careful, paid attention, and took care of their cars, I think we would see less fatalities like the ones you referenced in your blog.

And that long list I just gave you is exactly why my friends are tired of me being in the profession I am in...They can't stand it... for them cuz I'm LOVING it! How else could I have had such a random question answered so acurately?! And it's funny because as I was reading the different scenarios, it actually made sense! I'm saying to myself "Yeah, I can see that...that's a good point..." (lol)

Thanks Chamomille!

I'm definitely digging this lawyer thing:o)
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