Tuesday, May 15, 2007

***Barely But Beautiful***

A picture is worth a thousand words....

But TWO pictures?
LOL! Lemme stop...

So 2 weeks ago, I'm driving my visiting cousins to the movies to see Spider Man 3. I'm not too hyped about it but I did it. On the way, a radio commercial for Halle Berry's new movie came on and I started thinking:
This chick has made a crapload of movies and I can't think of any that are good because of HER.

Think about it.

She did an Alex Haley TV movie, "Queen", and folks don't talk about that movie today. "Roots"? All day. "Queen"? Who? She did Boomerang, Jungle Fever, Swordfish, blah blah blah. Check out her resume (click here). It's a lot right? Did any of the ones that she starred in not suck or disappoint though? I'll admit, I enjoi'd her in "Monster's Ball" but it was for one reason only. In that movie, she proved that cheap clothes can still be cute if on a good body. But I swear whenever she plays an "urban" character she sounds like a runaway slave. I was waiting for her to say "Massa" in a few of her non-Queen flicks.

But she's pretty (which we all know).

And I'll be damn if she doesn't make 40 look like the new 25.

BUT I dare one of y'all to say
she's a great actress.

Go ahead. With a straight face.

I'll wait.

Unh huh.

Thought so!


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