Sunday, June 24, 2007

***French Freedoms***

I'm developing an affinity for French foreign films.

There's an honesty in their dialogue that's very intriguing.

Perhaps that's why I find it really hard to watch any non-reality TV shows like a sitcom or drama.

It feels scripted.
Inauthentic. Shallow.

No one talks like that in reality. In every day conversations people say "Ummm", or they agonize over remembering someone's name, or they at least trip over a word or two. In TV land, no one stutters. Everyone is quick-witted and has perfectly paced exchanges. The conversations are never awkward. And they all wrap with a pretty bow somehow in the end.

And it's not like there's anything wrong with that. I love my happy endings:o) But there's just something about another perspective that can just be refreshing, you know?

I just finished watching Look At Me and I loved it. Actually, I have yet to see a French film that I haven't liked. Amelie is a personal favorite-- the cinematography is unparalleled. (Really.) But I'm noticing a consistent theme of honest dialouge. The French casually say things that most of us wouldn't dare and it's great because it's not for shock value at all. It's simply the culture.

Thus far, I can vouch for the movies and the fashion...

two votes for France:o)

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