Wednesday, June 13, 2007

***Lost in Translation***

We all know that I'm due a dumb statement every other month or so.
(shut up)

Saturday was the day.

I'm talking to this guy from London and he asks me to point out someone he was looking for in a crowd. Once I spot the man I tell him,

"Right over there. He's there in the back."


"Second row from the back, far left. One...two...third person from the end."

"Can't see him. What's he got on?"

"Ummm...plaid? Yeah, he's got a plaid shirt on and he's sitting next to a..."

"What's that you say? Plaid?"


"What's plaid?"

Now lost on how to describe a description word, I turn to my buddy on the right and ask him (dead serious),

"How do you say plaid in British?"

Comments: least you didn't ask "How do you say it in ENGLISH" like I PROBLY would've! ;^P
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