Monday, June 18, 2007

***Oily Naturalness***

I put this oil from Carol's Daughter in my hair this morning and I guess I O.D.'d on it cuz by 11am I had a pool of it chilling on the back of my neck. It was like a reservoir at the nape. If I was the Pope, I could've blessed everybody with a car in the parking lot via two hands and no reloading. Not only did I host an oil well, but I've been smelling it all damn day. I've gotta be careful when using some of their products cuz all of those herbs and naturalness doesn't always smell too great. This one woman who comes in every now and then is like "Queen of the Natural Things". She's got the locks, the ethnic garb and jewelry, and she's a raw foods advocate. She's just a really great person to have around cuz her vibe is very refreshing and she's cool as hell.


she wears oils that I SWEAR come from tree trunks. Let's say she's come and gone in a room with a few doors. Do you know that the oil she wears is so potent that I can tell EXACTLY where went inside that room??? No joke! That shit is like footprints!

I don't know if they sell it but way back when I bought some Carol's Daughter Cucumber Melon lotion. At this time, there was no Jada Pinkett, Jay Z, Mary J Blige involved. No Tommy Mattola. No Sephora distribution. Just a few magazine mentions, a Halle Berry shout out, and shop in Brooklyn. Glass jars, generic labels, and products that would separate after a few hours cuz they had no preservatives.

So anyway...

It was during this phase of the Carol's Daughter brand that I purchased this lotion. I used it pretty regularly waiting for all of it's promises to deliver. Well, I never got to experience them. Not because of the actual lotion but because of my brother. He and I had this exchange in car one day:

Him: "What's that smell?"
Me (all excited): "My cucumber melon lotion! I bought it from Carol's Daughter! You like?"
Him (dryly): "You smell like wet grass."

I couldn't do anything but laugh cuz he was actually on point with his description.

You know, I'm tempted to exile this oil right next to that lotion
(in the back of the cabinet)...

but the 'fro does need juice every now and then.

[Photography credit: Oily palm shot by SuperPimp]

*cracking up at "wet grass"* LOL!!
awwweeee, CD before it went commercial, memories!!! except for the mimosa hair honey, i cant rock with em anymore cause ish is wayyyyy too expensive sans the quality...remember cuttin my the rest of my perm out??
harlemcurlygurl: You should've SMELLED it, lol

alex g: I feel you! I'm finally getting low on my old Khoret Amen shampoo and I can't even do it. My heart won't let me. I saw their new version of the shampoo and was like "Who do y'all think you're fooling?" And yes ma'am! I remember cutting the rest of your perm out, lol. A monumental occasion no doubt:o)
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