Sunday, June 10, 2007

***Props Due***

You know what? I just need to get an el-cheapo laptop for blogging and stop playing games. I've been E-Ranting & Insighting all week in my head and it drives me CRAZY to keep chewing on the same thoughts without any outlet! I'm going to get it together y'all...I promise!

In other news, I just had to give a shout to the man that contributed to the bliss experienced on any sick or no-school day: Bob "Big Pimpin' " Barker. This man kept the same job for 35 years! And not only that but I love "The Price is Right" (that came on at 11 am eastern time right after a 2 episodes of "Reading Rainbow" and right before the soap operas I couldn't watch) because it's just a happy place to be. The colors, the excitement, and the hype man in the box that you almost never saw that made everything so extra.

Nothing set off a day of no school like a good game of Plinko.

You rock, Big Pimpin'.
83 is just a number.

A high one...

but a number nonetheless;o)

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