Monday, July 09, 2007

***Dental Divorce***

I have to come clean to someone, so it might as well be y'all.

Here it goes....

I cheated on my dentist and now I believe I'm must break up with her officially.

She was the only dentist I ever knew.
We shared a lot of highs and lows together.

However, she's unavailable at times when I really need her, so last month I was driven away to someone else.
And I think I found perfection.
His name: Dr. Arrue.

Dr. Arrue has all of the latest equipment, and there is never a long wait period. The staff is friendly and professional, and the only Black face during all both of my visits (so far) is the one in the mirror.

When Dr. Arrue conducted my first ever jaw test, something inside me shifted.

I felt a familiar comfort and trust that once only belonged to my ex.

It's so shamefully scandalous and yet I feel liberated to have found a great person who values my time and money.

And I'm okay that he's White.

So yes, I believe it's for real now. My ex and I are no more and I have committed my teeth and gums to Dr. Arrue.

Try not to judge me.

I'm still fighting the urge myself.

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