Thursday, July 12, 2007

***Hormonal Health?****

There's gotta be some psychological explanation for why when I am at an emotional low, I insist on eating junk that I don't normally/regularly eat. This does make me notice that when I'm feeling really great about me and everything I do, I eat pretty healthy.

So why is it that when I feel like crap, I CRAVE crap?? Shouldn't it be that if I'm feeling bad that my natural inclination is to do something to make me feel great? Why is something as basic as my appetite wired so backwards?? I want to crave spinach or an apple if I feel like shit. Not pizza, french fries, and Oreo McFlurries.

It's gotta be hormones.

Today I must've cried a good three times for no great reason. I had the same pressures that I always have at work but, for some strange reason, today they all came with 50 lbs. weights to them and I buckled. My experience of everything was so extra. Extra emotional all day. Like right now everyone gets on my nerves.

It's gotta be PMS.

Too many things aren't making sense.

And the fact that I've craved full meals at 11pm for the past 2 days is just unheard of in my world. And thank goodness the drive thru line at McDonalds was off the chain tonight cuz I sure had a McFlurry on the brain. Good ol' Subway saved me with an 11pm closing time.

It's gotta be hormones....

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