Tuesday, July 31, 2007


One day people are going to get that calling me "selfish" does not offend me.

I already know that about myself.

Actually, that isn't accurate:I'm self-centered-- not selfish. Meaning, (for me anyway) that I am the center of my world but not at your expense. I have my own spotlight that I work. I don't seek anyone else's and I certainly don't want to take it either.


If you really want to offend me, call me "nice".
(I hate that shit. )

I can't think of a more offensive "compliment".

It says nothing.

It's a WORD that says nothing.

I interpret "nice" to mean "you haven't offended me yet". And what exactly is that saying? That I'm politically correct and harmless???

You can have that crap.

If I had a choice between being called "nice" or being called "evil",
I'd rather you call me evil.
At least that communicates SOMETHING with a background color.

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