Tuesday, July 31, 2007


This isn't exactly breaking news...

but by now, I'm sure that you heard of the new "Sex in the City" movie that's supposed to go down.

I'll wait to for what all the movie reviews say to find out if it's worth swiping my Blockbuster card over.

I was a late adapter to the TV series, and to be completely honest, it wasn't until I was gifted the box set that I actually watched it.

Let me tell you, Season 5 and Season 6 were major disappointments. They were shiteous! So much so, that I believe I threw something after yelling at the television screen. Season 4 was great and had a momentum that had me ripping through the packaging to begin Season 5. For reasons that I didn't know at the time, Season 5 just seemed watered-down. The characters had become caricatures of the once enjoiably complex women. I wasn't having it. I needed to know what happened to the writing brilliancy.

Then I found the culprit. None other than my sister in veins, Sarah Jessica Parker. Somebody got really happy over there and gave her an executive role that she used to butcher the (once clever) writing. That cute, quick-witted, one-liner stuff works for HER character. It doesn't belong with Charlotte.

(Clearly, I'm still bitter about that crap.)

We shall see what happens though.

But I will reveal to you the one DVD set I own that gets better with every episode:
The Avatar.

(Don't judge me, dammit.)
You wouldn't understand until you experienced it.

More on this greatness later...

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