Sunday, July 15, 2007

***Speaking of Eye Candy...***

Speaking of Eye Candy....

I would like to pay tribute to the last (from my recollection anyway) of a now defunct breed:

The male video model/ho.

Part of the reason why I was turned off by music videos was because these crusty ol' rappers and r&b singers will have these gorgeous women in their videos. But the females always have some rinky-dink-aight-I-guess-I-could-see-him-at-the-gas station type dudes. Unh huh...trying to sell us on the okie doke. I hate how forgiving we women are sometimes.

(I really do.)
But anyway....

This video irked me the second time I saw it. I remember yelling at the Tweet like "Where the hell are you going?!? Chasing birds with that fine man right there??? Oooooh you're so STUPID!"

I still get a little heated but I've simmered a bit over time. Granted, it has been a good 3 or 4 years now, right?

Anyhoo, I raise my bottle of Dasani to toast this fine no-name specimen of a man (in this stupid ass video)....

Here, here to Tweet's "Call Me" video model!
(my last BET/MTV-inspired drool)


Tweet - Call Me
Uploaded by Momo59-93

P.S.- Although he violates my "No sunglasses indoors or at night" rule, I'll give him a pass. But that trend really needs to die. TODAY.

FYI: It's a dead giveaway for college students and Super Lames.

HA! "super lames" HAHAHAHA! I couldn't agree more.
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