Wednesday, July 25, 2007

***Videos and Such***

Okay, so a few videos...

#1. Call me a "hater" or "Beyonce Basher" if you want. It still doesn't change the fact that she busted her ass onstage:

***UPDATE*** So CLEARLY, Papa Knowles and the PR Perfection team shut it down. Whatever. Ain't nobody scurred of y'all! This one was funnier anyway....***

All Falls Down - Destiny's Child Edition
Uploaded by YouveeDOTnet

#2. I won't front. I found it entertaining to see the hood boys dance. That is up until :55. And while that is definitely disturbing, the more unsettling part is that my brother used this video to teach our younger cousins how to "Crank the Soulja Boy". He kept running it back so they didn't see the "special props" but still.
This is the same guy that had my little 4-year old cousin dancing in the mirror to "Pass the Dutchie". I had to point out to him that just because kids are singing, doesn't make it a kid song.

He declined comment.

#3. Apparently, err'body's doing it. Interesting weapons of choice, guys.
Very Trench Coat Mafia.

Whatever happened to the Disney Channel??? Lil' dude was gettin' it though! I wonder if the parents are hip to their hidden Negro influences ...

#4. Oh and how about ya girl is crankin' it too! In a get me bodied Tina Knowles original (i.e. any sequins/spandex combination). You gotta love it, lol.

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