Wednesday, August 29, 2007

***Celebrity High: Cheat Wisely***

Let's say you're taking a test that decides whether or not you graduate. You aren't ready and it's time to either prepare to fail or cheat to win. You decide to cheat. You've got 50 Cent on your left and Beyonce on your right....

Whose test do you cheat from???
50 Cent:
"G" is for graduation.

Remember that.

Honestly, it depends on what subject.
Are you fukkin' KIDDING ME????

What subject could you possibly feel comfortable cheating off Beyonce in??? A rhyming test? Or better yet a COLOR test??? I can't believe you said that. I'm in shock. Give me a POTENTIAL subject that Beyonce is a better pick in. Okay, I've got one: vocal class. Maybe she would recognize an E-flat from a C-minor but I wouldn't put my paycheck on it.

I can't believe you said that isht...
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