Monday, August 13, 2007


You know what?

I think I've unintentionally figured something out.

This kid came into the office and put an advanced movie screening flyer on everyone's desk this afternoon. I picked it up. Samuel Jackson and Josh Hartnett (yum!) in a boxing movie called "Resurrecting the Champ".


Another sports movie???

How do people get to keep making movies like this??? How do you pitch yet another sports movie to a studio with confidence????

"I've got an idea for a movie."
"About what?"
" What's the spin?"
"The main character is from Wyoming."
"I love it! Let's put 20 million behind it. Somebody cut this kid a check..."

It's sooooooo old.

But to the men that watch them they aren't.

You know why?

Cuz sports movies are to men what chick flicks are for women. I know that statement will turn off a lot of testerone but it's true. It's the same Cinderella story only with jock straps and jerseys: some person with "potential" goes from invisible to undeniable. Whether it's a devil wearing Prada or Sly Stalone beating the snot out of somebody, it's the same doggone thing.

Ya'll thought y'all were slick too, huh?


We want to be Pretty Woman just like y'all wanna win the Superbowl.

(Although our movies are usually centered around getting the guy
and y'alls movies are about winning the championship
AND getting the girl.)

So ladies...

the next time they have something to say when you wanna watch your chick flick IN PEACE...

you know exactly which card to play;o)

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