Thursday, August 02, 2007

***Whoop Whoop!***

Whoopi Goldberg will always have a job.
I've never seen anyone come and disappear as many times as she does. Somewhere in Hollywood, there's a click of Jewish big wigs with "I Love Whoopi" membership cards.

The View, huh? Okay.

If you ask me, I have the perfect token "alternative" female for the daily round table discussions...

Yes, Perez I agree...Lauryn Hill is definitely the new Whitney Houston!

(How many times did you say WTF? I stopped at 23.)

girl!!! i wanted to email you a pic of "l booged out boogie" a couple of weeks ago after a chattin session with tasha & natalie but i just couldn't do about traaaaaagedy...
I know right? Broke my heart when she cut a fool at the Vibe Music awards. Can a man really do all that??? Dayum she fell off something SERIOUS!
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